Trackside VIP Booths (for 10 people) are the perfect way to enjoy the Deighton Cup with a small team of family, friends, or clients. Situated right along the racetrack, these chic booths provide unparalleled proximity to the racing and an excellent base from which to enjoy the day's festivities. A 3 Litre bottle of champagne will help to elevate the atmosphere and a private Trackside bar will ensure a steady flow of your mind's desires. 

Trackside Private Booth [for 10 people]
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Includes 10 Festival Tickets

Celebrate another beautiful afternoon of race day festivities with the best seats in the house.

  • All the inclusions of Festival Passes as well as:
  • A reserved section and VIP table for you and up to 10 guests
  • Suite branding to showcase your involvement
  • Trackside location providing unparalleled proximity to the racing
  • A chic atmosphere setting the mood for the day's festivities
  • 3L Bottle of Piper-Heidsieck Champagne (equivalent to four 750ml bottles)

For small groups with their sights set on a premium experience: Grandstand Boxes (4 people) are the ideal option to enjoy the Deighton Cup. These four person boxes provide an intimate yet festive atmosphere for special occasions or exclusive celebrations. With striking views of the concourse and racetrack a complimentary bottle of Piper-Heidsieck champagne will ensure a bubbly start - or finish - to the afternoon. 

Grandstand Private Box [for 4 people]

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Includes 4 Festival Tickets

Enjoy the Deighton Cup with three friends, family, or clients from the comfort of your own private box. Buy two or more and have them arranged adjacently!

  • All inclusions of the Festival Tickets as well as:
  • A Private Grandstand Box and reserved seating for 4 guests
  • A branded placard at your table for your company
  • One bottle of Piper-Heidsieck champagne

Grandstand Suites (for 30 people) are the premium opportunity for big group celebrations! Each of our four Grandstand Suites comes with a private bar, service staff, and a welcome drink ticket for each guest. With elevated views over the concourse, watch the horses like royalty or survey the festivities with a keen eye. Explore the grounds and return to the Grandstand to mingle and enjoy the afternoon with the team. 

Grandstand Private Suite [for 30 people]

Not Available

Includes 30 Festival Tickets

The best way to celebrate a big team outing with clients, staff, or the extended family.

  • All the inclusions of Festival Tickets as well as:
  • A reserved suite for up to 30 guests
  • Suite branding to showcase your involvement
  • 30 drink tickets for you and your guests
  • A private bar and dedicated server
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The Deighton Cup Terms & Conditions:

This ticket entitles Holder admission to the Deighton Cup event specified on the ticket face, subject to the terms and conditions below.

Holder grants permission to The Deighton Cup, event promoters and their respective agents, affiliates and licensees (“Licensed Parties”) to utilize, without compensation of any kind, the Holder’s image or likeness incidental to any live recorded video display or other transmission or reproduction of the event, in whole or in part, and in perpetuity in connection with the promotional activities of the Licensed Parties.

The Deighton Cup is strictly a 19+ event. Tickets are non-refundable.